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Pool Raft Reviews: Sportsstuff Fiesta Island

An above ground swimming pool of decent dimensions is a lot of fun, but the fixture alone does present certain setbacks. For example, you would have to get out of the pool and take a trip to the freezer just to get a cold drink. And, once you are back in the pool, how do you keep that bottled drink from sinking to the bottom of the pool?

You also have to take into account that you cannot really kick back and relax while you are in the water unless the pool is really shallow. Add a few more people to the equation and you will soon realize that the pool itself just does not feel complete without an inflatable raft to solve all these issues.

Pool Raft - Sportsstuff Fiesta IslandThen comes the question: should you opt for a cheaper raft that can accommodate one, maybe two passengers aboard? Should you go for a larger one, slightly more expensive one with more room like the Sportsstuff Fiesta Island that can provide enough space/additional amenities for up to eight people?

Well, for an above ground pool with small dimensions, the smaller rafts would work equally well, particularly if you are the only one using it. In fact, in this case you might not need one at all. However, the same cannot be said about medium and large pools. When you purchase individual rafts, you will soon notice that one cannot account for all the needs of the swimmers; which entails that you will have to utilize additional ones. On the other hand, you are not exactly making good use of the space in this manner and you will probably end up with a swarm of rafts occupying the entire water surface.

Presenting the Fiesta Island raft designed by Sportsstuff, the only pool accessory you need for you and seven of your family members or friends to enjoy a relaxing day in the pool, with a cold beverage by their side. Designed in an ingeniously ergonomic manner that provides convenience and sufficient stretching space to lie back comfortably and enjoy the sun, Fiesta Island is a pool party in itself. But what else could you expect from a company like Sportsstuff? Let’s review the primary features of the Fiesta Island inflatable raft in order to get a better idea of the product.

Features of Sportsstuff Fiesta Island

The comfortable seats of this raft are constructed from heavy duty PVC materials
Four of the seats on the rectangular-shaped vessel are positioned in the corners and 4 on the middle section of each side, providing enough room for passengers to stretch their feet towards the center
The raft comes equipped with an 16 quarter inflatable beverage cooler that can be detached
In-house patented inflation/deflation valve for simple and quick operation
Each of the armrests/backrests is contoured and comes affixed with 2 cup holders
The craft includes boarding handles for easily climbing in and out of the raft
The anchoring system constructed from PVC ensure stability and permits you to maintain the vessel’s position in still waters
The dimensions of the Sportsstuff Fiesta Island are 11.5 inches in length and 11.5 inches in width while inflated, weighing approximately 64.5 pounds
The maximum weight limit it can support is 1600 pounds
Maximum number of passengers is 8

With 4.7/5 stars on Amazon, the Sportsstuff Fiesta Island is one of the most appreciated inflatable rafts on the market. Thanks to its quick inflation, robustness and excellent features, this vessel has received numerous positive reviews so far. While one person did say about the absence of a canopy, it suffices to say that this feature was not advertised in the product. If shade is an important factor to you, then the six seater Sportsstuff Cabana Islander would be a better purchase.


The Sportsstuff Fiesta Island is essentially an “inflate and go” kind of raft, with no parts to be attached to it except the cooling unit and the anchoring system. All you need to do in order to get it up and floating is to find the valve of the main section and utilize one of the pumps recommended in the manual to inflate it. Test the level of inflation and make sure it is appropriate, then repeat this procedure for the inflatable cooling unit. Drag/float the Fiesta Island into the water and place it in the desired spot before attaching the anchor.

On a side note, remember that the Fiesta Island raft is not towable so be careful what method you utilize in positioning it as only floating/pulling is recommended.

Safety Guidelines

Although a respectably robust vessel, there are certain rules that apply for safely operating the Fiesta Island. For instance, standing up on the floor mesh or kneeling is discouraged and the passengers should only use the reclined seating while inside. At the same time, verifying that the proper inflation level has been achieved, that the vessel is not leaking and that the valve is properly sealed prior to setting it in the water is highly advisable.

Furthermore, the total weight/number of occupants should not exceed the manufacturer’s specifications (1600 pounds/8 people) and the watercraft should not be utilized for other activities than it can handle by design. Fishing, acrobatics, sailing, etc. are more suitable for other types of inflatable rafts.


The Sportsstuff Fiesta Island has not been on the market for too long, but it has already captured the mass attention of water enthusiasts. Affixed with all the features it needs to make any pool party a roaring success, able to withstand a maximum weight of 1600 pounds and to comfortably accommodate 8 passengers, the robust craft is the perfect addition to your pool.

The robust construction materials and quick inflation are also proprietary to this unique inflatable raft, but respecting the storage and usage guidelines is still necessary if you want to preserve its functionality for many years to come. Overall, if you are looking for a convenient accessory to make a bold statement about your above ground pool, then look no further than the Sportsstuff Fiesta Island!

Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is constructed of memory foam made in the US, and is designed to provide affordable, comfortably cool, firm, yet supported sleep for years to come.

The Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress Features

  • 3” Top layer of 3-lb, patented open-cell memory foam, 7” base of top quality support foam
  • Poly-cotton blend mattress cover
  • 2 Bonus memory foam pillows
  • Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 20-Year warranty

The Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress uses patented open-cell memory foam in order to provide a cooler night’s sleep than with traditional memory foam. The 3” of memory foam atop the 7” support foam base comes together to deliver the high quality firm sleeping support. This combination was crafted to provide rest that does not target pressure points, proper spinal alignment, and less position changing throughout the sleep cycle. It is resistant to allergens and dust mites and comes encased in a luxurious poly cotton cover. The 20-year warranty speaks of a lasting commitment to quality sleep, and this product has undergone alterations that have increased its durability and recovery. What do those who have slept on this Sleep Innovations memory foam offering have to say about its performance?

The Pros of Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress:

  • This mattress is just the right amount of firm. This mattress is definitely for those who need a firm mattress. The firmness of this mattress allows one to get out of the bed with ease and does not lock a person into place while sleeping.
  • Sleeping on this memory foam mattress is much better than on an inner spring mattress. Once the transition from inner spring mattress to this memory foam mattress is made, there is no way that most customers could return to sleeping on spring support.
  • Sleeping on this mattress has banished years and years of bad sleep. This mattress has helped reviewers sleep as soundly as they did in their 20s.
  • The thickness of this mattress is perfect.
  • This mattress will last for years and keep on going. This mattress by Sleep Innovations is so good that after years of sleeping on a smaller size there have been upgrades to a larger size, enabling the smaller mattress to be moved to another bedroom.
  • This mattress measures up to a similar mattress from a more popular manufacturer. This mattress beats other softer models from a widely popular memory foam mattress maker.
  • This mattress is ready to be slept upon within hours of unwrapping it.
  • The scent dissipates enough to sleep on this within a few hours with windows open and fan on to assist.
  • A quality memory foam topper will work well to soften this mattress if it is found to be too firm for a sleeper. Some users who used to sleep on soft mattress tried this one and discovered that they needed to have been sleeping on a firm, good quality memory foam mattress like this one, all along.
  • This mattress does not overheat the way older memory foam mattress do.
  • The pillows are just the right amount of firmness, without too much sinking into them.
  • Feeling the other person moving or getting in and out of the bed is not an issue with this mattress.

The Cons of Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress:

  • This mattress is entirely too hard. This mattress is not for those who prefer sleeping on soft beds.
  • This mattress is not comparable to a mattress from a more well-known mattress manufacturer, and in fact caused back pain when there had previously been none during the years of sleep experienced on the other mattress.
  • This mattress only works well if the room is 70 degrees or below, and if one does not radiate a lot of heat when sleeping.
  • This mattress only works well if a person is 225 lbs or lighter.
  • The smell is really strong.
  • This mattress is lumpy and bumpy. Returning a defective mattress may not go well.

Overall, this memory foam offering from Sleep Innovations seems to have met or exceeded most people’s expectations. The price is excellent and this company even seems to end up with repeat buyers for this mattress for different bedrooms. There are many who have felt that this mattress worked just as well if not better than various mattresses from the maker of the most known brand of memory foam mattress. There are those who disagree, and many of those felt that this mattress was harder than what they were comfortable sleeping upon. Those who were able to get used to sleeping on this 10” SureTemp mattress, have been thrilled with the results. People who, for years, suffered with chronic back pain upon waking, have found themselves getting up pain free each day after sleeping on this mattress. There are those who suggest that anyone who is searching for high quality sleep for years to come, should go ahead and purchase this mattress for considerably less than other memory foam offerings in the market.   The Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress comes with two bonus memory foam pillows, and there are those who say that these are some of the best pillows that they have slept upon. There are some sleepers who decided to get a memory foam topper to counteract the firmness of this mattress, and had no issue with doing so because of the low cost of this mattress. Most people have had little to no issue with the cooling technology of this memory foam mattress not keeping the sleeping temperature comfortable. People also enjoyed the way this mattress is packaged and suggest placing it before unwrapping it. There have also been some disagreements on how fast the smell dissipates, but opening windows and using fans assists in this process. Even most of those who had smell issues felt that the comfort out weight the scent.

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

July 22, 2015

The most common size mattress sold today is the queen size.  It follows that the most popular mattress by Tempur-Pedic is the queen size memory foam mattress.  There are many manufacturers so you will need to know what to look for in choosing your memory foam mattress.
Things to know include the foam manufacturer, whether it is domestically produced or is imported; how long the particular model has been made, and the density of the memory foam used along with the type of cover material it has.  If you go to you will find several queen size memory foam mattresses from Boyd that range in size from eight inches to fourteen inch pillow top versions.  The prices range from three hundred fifty nine ($359) dollars for the eight inch model to seven hundred seventy nine ($779) dollars for the fourteen inch pillow top.


They also offer two other models in a queen size as well the Supreme for six hundred ninety nine ($699) and the Superb for five hundred eighty nine ($589) dollars.  Both have an additional five percent deducted when added to the shopping cart.  Some of the features of the Supreme mattress include a ten year manufacturers warranty, a removable washable cover, a PVC non skid bottom to keep it in place, three inches of high rebound memory foam over a seven inch high density foam base for long lasting support.  The Superb mattress is a total of eight inches of foam with only a five inch high density foam base and the three inches of high rebound memory foam on top.

The other mattresses from Boyd start with the eight inch version that has a two inch high rebound memory foam top and a six inch hypo allergenic foam base.  The Boyd queen size memory foam mattresses all have a twenty year warranty against defect.  When you get to the twelve inch versions you now have the addition of a pillow top for more comfort.  You also have an increase to three inches of high rebound memory foam for superior comfort and increased circulation and support.  The reflex foam base is hypo allergenic and provides a stable surface for the memory foam and the pillow top.

The most expensive queen size memory foam mattress is the fourteen inch pillow top version with a seven inch reflex foam base and three inches of memory foam.  Keep in mind when ordering mattresses that shipping will apply and averages between one hundred ($100) and one hundred sixty ($160) dollars.

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Whenever looking for product reviews I normally recommend going Consumer Reports for “Best Buy” recommendations.  Since Consumers Union does not accept advertising and you usually expect that their reviews are totally unbiased.  They also do not accept free samples of product they are reviewing to keep any bias from the review.  Memory foam is the generic term for mattresses made from visco-elastic foam of varying densities.
To find memory foam mattress reviews you can go to, and various manufacturers’ websites.  It is interesting to note that after 18 mattresses were tested and torn apart along with fifty nine staffers tried out the test mattresses in a store like environment and four couples tested the mattresses at home for a month, Consumer Reports has yet to rate or recommend any of the mattresses they tested.  The editors stated that because each individual has unique body issues and personal preferences a definitive recommendation can not be given.  In addition, many sleep experts say that the only way to choose a mattress properly is to physically go to a store and lie down on it.  Even that may not be the best option and the Cadillac of the memory foam industry, Tempur-Pedic, offers a thirty day money back guarantee so you will know for sure that you like the mattress.


Your best bet when trying to choose a memory foam mattress is to look at reviews from some of the choices above or those at and  After you have an idea of which memory foam mattress reviews help you make your choice, you will need to go to the store and ask some pointed questions to make sure you are getting the quality you are paying for.  The manufacturer of the foam along with the quality and density of the foam in the mattress are very important.

Other questions to ask are how long has the manufacturer been making that particular model and what kind of feedback have they gotten from customers in that time?  Are there any compression or sleep issues (mattress is too hot, too much synthetic odor, slow rebound)?  Do customers think the foam is too firm or too soft?  What is the rate of return and just what is the return policy on these mattresses.  Use memory foam mattress reviews to narrow down your list, but use personal store visits and the questions above to help you get the mattress that is best for you and your sleep habits.