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Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

July 22, 2015

The most common size mattress sold today is the queen size.  It follows that the most popular mattress by Tempur-Pedic is the queen size memory foam mattress.  There are many manufacturers so you will need to know what to look for in choosing your memory foam mattress.
Things to know include the foam manufacturer, whether it is domestically produced or is imported; how long the particular model has been made, and the density of the memory foam used along with the type of cover material it has.  If you go to you will find several queen size memory foam mattresses from Boyd that range in size from eight inches to fourteen inch pillow top versions.  The prices range from three hundred fifty nine ($359) dollars for the eight inch model to seven hundred seventy nine ($779) dollars for the fourteen inch pillow top.


They also offer two other models in a queen size as well the Supreme for six hundred ninety nine ($699) and the Superb for five hundred eighty nine ($589) dollars.  Both have an additional five percent deducted when added to the shopping cart.  Some of the features of the Supreme mattress include a ten year manufacturers warranty, a removable washable cover, a PVC non skid bottom to keep it in place, three inches of high rebound memory foam over a seven inch high density foam base for long lasting support.  The Superb mattress is a total of eight inches of foam with only a five inch high density foam base and the three inches of high rebound memory foam on top.

The other mattresses from Boyd start with the eight inch version that has a two inch high rebound memory foam top and a six inch hypo allergenic foam base.  The Boyd queen size memory foam mattresses all have a twenty year warranty against defect.  When you get to the twelve inch versions you now have the addition of a pillow top for more comfort.  You also have an increase to three inches of high rebound memory foam for superior comfort and increased circulation and support.  The reflex foam base is hypo allergenic and provides a stable surface for the memory foam and the pillow top.

The most expensive queen size memory foam mattress is the fourteen inch pillow top version with a seven inch reflex foam base and three inches of memory foam.  Keep in mind when ordering mattresses that shipping will apply and averages between one hundred ($100) and one hundred sixty ($160) dollars.

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